Graham Shaw

International speaker and speaker coach

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Graham Shaw

- International speaker and speaker coach.
- TEDx speaker viewed by 27 million people
- Business author shortlisted for CMI Management Book of the Year.

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- Amaze your conference audience as he proves they can all draw.
- Train your team how to communicate ideas with a memorable sketch.
- Coach your people to speak with confidence and impact every time.

Graham Shaw

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How Graham Can Help

  • Conference Speaking

    Looking for something different for your conference or event?  As one of the most-viewed TEDx speakers, Graham is a must if you are looking to inspire your audience. His ability to get people to realise they can draw amazes and surprises audiences every time.
    His talks on how we can transform our presentations with a quick sketch are an eye-opener.

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  • Cartooning For Training & Presenting

    Graham can teach your people to transform their ability deliver presentations and training. With a straightforward doodle or quick illustration your team will revolutionise how their messages impact the audience and stay in the memory.

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  • Speaking & Presenting Skills

    Whether it’s a business presentation or social event, the idea of standing up in front of potentially hundreds of people can feel overwhelming. However, Graham can help your team learn the professional techniques that will have them presenting with confidence and impact every time. 

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  • Visual Learning

    There is huge evidence of the power of pictures to help us learn and especially when we draw them ourselves. However most children, students and especially adults don’t believe they can draw.  Through his highly popular video and workbook; ‘Cartooning for Learning’ Graham has already taught numerous children and students how to make learning easier and memorable.

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What People Say

“Thank you Graham for an amazing session. You once again captivated a Google audience.”

“I truly enjoyed your presentation.  Your message really resonated with me.”

“Graham is an excellent coach and event speaker. I have no hesitation in recommending him”

“Graham is an amazing communicator. I have no doubt in recommending him to anyone needed to engage a super coach on communication matters.”

"Graham’s course opened a talent box in my brain that I did not know existed.”

“This workshop enables you to draw like you never thought you could.   
will be pleasantly surprised! “

Watch Graham's Showreel.

Catch a glimpse into Graham Shaw’s innovative presentation technique with a video of some of his talks.