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How to Draw Cartoons and Use Them to Help You Study

‘Video and Workbook’ for Children and Students’

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Many pupils lack self-confidence and struggle with learning. Even those who are more successful are almost certainly not using their full potential. The ability to draw, when applied to powerful learning and memory techniques, is an incredibly useful skill. Something special happens in our awareness when we see a drawing develop before our very eyes. However, the use of ‘live’ drawing, whether by the teacher or learner, is an under -used device.

The problem is that most pupils do not believe they can draw and this seems especially true the older they are. However, these workshops help pupils to discover that everyone can draw effectively when they know how.

In easy-to-learn steps they will soon build their skill and confidence to be able to draw very effective pictures numerous uses including revising for examinations.

“Every child and student can learn to draw simple cartoons and symbols well enough make ideas memorable”says Graham Shaw.

red blood cells

Red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Draw it – Remember it.

Graham meets Dennis The Menace

Graham, pictured when teaching cartooning at The Cartoon Museum in London, can teach your students to draw simple cartoons and symbols to make information easier to learn and recall.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Cartooning for Learning video and workbook students will be able to:

  • Draw simple cartoons and symbols
  • Use cartoons and symbols in ways that enhance learning and memory
  • Incorporate drawing skills into everyday school or college work

Pupils will have learnt skills that they will be able to use immediately and strengthen with practice. The techniques can be applied to assist learning in all areas of the curriculum. Many will also have discovered a talent they never know they had and given themselves a confidence-boost as a result.

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