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Portrait of Graham Shaw

Conference Speaking – Graham will inspire your audience

Looking for something different for your conference or event? 

  • As one of the most-viewed TEDx speakers, Graham is a must if you are looking to inspire your audience.
  • His ability to get people to realise they can draw amazes and surprises audiences every time. 
  • His talks on how we can transform our presentations with a quick sketch are an eye-opener. 

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Cartooning for Training & Presenting – sketching skills for trainers

A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Graham can teach your people to transform their ability deliver presentations and training.
  • With a straightforward doodle or quick illustration your team will revolutionise how their messages impact the audience
  • Their ideas will and stay in the memory of their trainees

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Speaking & Presenting Skills – Graham will coach your speakers

Learn to speak confidently and make your message stick

  • Whether it’s a business presentation or social event, the idea of standing up in front of potentially hundreds of people can feel overwhelming.
  • However, Graham can help your team learn the professional techniques that will have them presenting with confidence and impact every time. 
  • They will learn his secrets of how to give amazing talks that make their message stick.

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Visual Learning – ‘Cartooning for Learning’ video & workbook

Learn how to ‘draw it and remember it’

  • There is huge evidence of the power of pictures to help us learn and especially when we draw them ourselves.
  • However most children, students and especially adults don’t believe they can draw. 
  • Through his highly popular video and workbook; ‘Cartooning for Learning’ Graham has already taught numerous children and students how to make learning easier and memorable.

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