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How to deliver a 'wow' moment for your audience

Here is another speaking tip from my book;  ‘The Speakers Coach - 60 secrets to make your talk, speech or presentation amazing!’  Learn in just two minutes with my video.

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Learn how to create curiosity and impact and a really positve state in the room. Get your audience on the edge of their seats by showing them how to do something most of them  never thought they could do. Teach them to draw a picture of somone they would recognise. In this video I show you how to draw Albert Einstein. Once you learn how, you will be able to show others and give them that 'wow' moment when they realise they can do it too.


How to speak 'off the cuff'

Here is a tip from my book 'The Speaker's Coach - 60 secrets to make your talk, speech or presentation amazing!'  Learn in just 2 minutes 19 seconds of video.

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Perhaps you can recall what it's like when you are asked to speak on the spur of then moment. It may have been in a meeting when you were suddenly asked to update the group on a project. Or maybe you were asked to make a prresentation at the last minute.  Well here is an easy structure to ensure that you can quickly  marshall your thoughts. It will help you to speak logically, confidently and succinctly every time. Just watch the video to find out how.

How to sketch a storyboard picture

Grab a pen and follow along with me.

This picture is from my 'Drawing for Storyboarding' Workbook'.  

When we think of storyboards we typically think of film-making where they  are used to plan movies. However, creating storyboards is helpful in many other contexts, such as explaining business projects. In this video I show you how easy it is to create a picture for a storyboard. Check out the 'Drawing for Storyboarding workbook in the Shop. Buy now - get it instantly as a download and start drawing immediately.

'Thank you Graham for your awesome book, 'Drawing Skills for Storyboarding', it's exactly what I wanted and more importantly what I needed.'  
Michael de Groot - Whiteboard Animations Producer, Storyteller & Podcaster

Graham's interview BBC World News

How to explain business ideas with a quick sketch.   
Presenter Alice Baxter with  Graham on 'Talking Business'

Video clip 1 of 2 first half of interview

Vary the rhythm of your talk

Vary the rhythm of your talk

Vary the rhythm of your presentations and talks with this tip from:

‘The Speakers Coach: 60 secrets 
to make your talk, speech or presentation amazing’
by Graham Shaw   

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