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'The Speaker's Coach'
60 secrets to make your talk, speech or presentation amazing

One of the 'The Top Ten Most Inspirational Business Books for 2020'
CEO Magazine

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Learn how to speak with confidence every time. 

To convince people of your ideas, you need to be able to speak well.
However, many people have a fear of public speaking. That's not surprising because with so many things to think about, it can be a daunting prospect.

You may have wondered:

  • How can I possibly pitch a talk to appeal to everyone in a room?
  • What if I'm a bag of nerves?
  • How do I get a sceptical audience on board?
  • What should I do with my hands?
  • Where should I look?
  • Should I walk about or stand still?
  • The list goes on...

Graham will show you how handle all of these issues, and many more, as you learn his pro-speaker secrets of successful talks, speeches and presentations. He has helped numerous people to become engaging presenters.

This book will give you numerous top tips to captivate audiences.


                           Graham's cartoons will help you to remember each secret.                       

After 30 minutes and no sign of his hands,
the team thought Mike might be hiding something from them.

The skills you will learn will help you to speak face-to-face and also remotely in online video meetings. Whether delivering business  presentations or any other talk, this book will ensure you get your messages across with impact.

What are people saying about 'The Speaker's Coach'? 

"There is no single set formula to giving a great talk.
However, in this book you will find compelling insights and practical guidance
to help you discover the way that is right for you."
Chris Anderson Head of TED

"It's a cracking book with gems and nuggets on nearly every page."
Judges at the Business Book Awards 2020 

"Accessible, practical and compelling.
A 'must-have' for novice and experienced speakers alike." 
Dr Elizabeth Hoover
Clinical Associate Professor, SLHS, Boston University

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