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Graham Shaw at TEDx Hull

 Graham’s talk at TEDx Hull has been viewed online by over 27 million people

  • Graham Shaw is one of the most-viewed TEDx speakers with a wealth of experience in speaking at conferences and events internationally.
  • He can amaze and inspire your conference audience by proving they can all draw and how our limiting beliefs hide our true potential.
  • Likewise, he can show your audience that when we draw we remember more. He shows how anyone can draw a sketch to make their message memorable.

So – for something inspiring and different contact us to enquire.

“Graham’s ability to speak and draw at the same time captivates people and enables them to effortlessly absorb and retain information and ideas. It is mesmerising to see him in action.”
Denise Tillson – Group Learning and Development Consultant, Holiday Extras


Conferences and events in Finland, Norway, Denmark Sweden and the Netherlands

Graham has spoken at numerous events for Specsavers to help support those involved in learning and development. Sessions have included a whole range of skills in the field of training design and delivery and also how to present with confidence.

Graham Shaw and Specsavers in Helsinki

The steps of a log-cabin in the Nuuksio National Park, Finland, provide an improvised stage for Graham to speak to delegates at Specsavers L&D event

“It was a great event, made even better by Graham’s session.
John Swallow - Head of Learning and Development, Specsavers Northern Europe

Conferences in Barcelona and Dublin 

Graham spoke at two conferences for Google on the theme of making information memorable by using quick sketches. Delegates learned how to think visually and turn ideas into simple drawing that make a message stick.

"Thank you Graham for an amazing session. You once again captivated a Google audience."
Stephanie Fastre - People Development and Innovation & Creativity.

Direct Employers 2017 Annual Meeting and Conference Indianapolis

Graham gave a keynote entitled: "If you think you can't draw- think again! The amazing results of challenging our limiting beliefs"

Candee Chambers and Graham Shaw

Candee Chambers, Executive Director of the Direct Employers Association with Graham Shaw

“Through the medium of drawing Graham showed how our limiting beliefs hide our true talents from us. He demonstrated that, as we think beyond our limiting paradigms, we unlock so much potential in all areas of our lives.
Candee J. Chambers  - Executive Director Direct Employers Association – Indianapolis

Procter and Gamble
Annual Trainers Awards – Moscow and Kiev

When Procter and Gamble arranged their trainers’ awards events they wanted something different. Thirty trainers gathered for the Kiev event and eighty for the main meeting in Moscow.

They booked Graham for both events to run sessions lasting almost all day.

Graham Shaw at Procter and Gamble

Graham opens his session at the Procter and Gamble Trainer Awards, Moscow


Groups drawing in Moscow

Groups drawing in Moscow turning
information into memorable pictures

After the awards were presented, Graham led the trainers in practical activities to show how to make learning memorable with simple sketches.

Delegates learned how to draw simple cartoon characters and other graphics to bring ideas to life in their own training session and make their message stick.



25th Anniversary Management Seminar Birmingham

500 store managers attended this event. Graham spoke on the topic of 'Getting Your Message Across with Impact'. He demonstrated how to structure a talk to engage people. 

Graham Shaw at Specsavers Conference

This was a very different kind of conference presentation. No PowerPoint.
Instead Graham used skills of drawing the ideas ‘live’ onto a huge screen as he spoke. This certainly kept audience attention and made it memorable.

Conference organisers were delighted with the results.


HSBC Bank plc
Two Conferences in Hertfordshire

Graham has twice appeared at HSBC Bank conferences as well as running numerous training workshops.

His sessions have helped trainers to build the skills of being able to draw ideas to make them memorable. This enables them to make learning engaging and make the message stick.

These have included sessions speaking in the main plenary sessions as well as running master classes with smaller groups.

“This workshop enables you to draw like you never thought you could.”
Kosta Christofi –Training Relationship Manager HSBC Bank plc

Events in Malta, Brussels, Germany and Cambridge

Mundipharma wanted a creative sessions for their Malta conference.

Graham ran several sessions designed to help delegates learn to draw powerful images including cartoon, whether using flipcharts or office whiteboards.

Then he showed them just how they could easily apply these skills when communicating information in talks, presentations and training.

The feedback from Graham’s Malta conference was so positive that the company booked him to run further sessions in Cambridge, Germany and Brussels.

Conferences in Estepona, Marbella, Malta and Paris

Graham has given master classes for delegates who need to run training or simply be able to present ideas in engaging ways. He helped delegates learn to sketch ideas to make them memorable when presenting information.

These sessions have been so popular that he is often runs them several times at each conference to meet the demand.

The value of this training speaks for itself, given the number of times Graham has been re-booked by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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