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Cartooning for Learning Workbook – Draw it and remember Digital Download

Cartooning for Learning Workbook – Draw it and remember Digital Download

Cartooning for Learning Workbook – Draw it and remember Digital Download

  • Learn practical drawing skills to help you study
  • 55 page A4 size workbook packed with activities
  • Ideal for children, students and teachers

Improve your ability to remember information whatever your area of study.

This booklet stands alone as a learning resource. However it is a great supplement to reinforce skills learnt in the 'Cartooning for Learning' DVD.

  • Learn to draw simple cartoon pictures just follow Graham's easy steps and you will soon be drawing great pictures.
  • Learn how to think in pictures to represent ideas in memorable ways.
  • Learn how to apply your drawing skills to lots of topics in order to make learning more enjoyable and more effective.

No drawing experience required- you may not believe it yet, but all you need is an open mind and be prepared to have a go.

The reason I wrote this workbook is to help students learn the skills of drawing and apply these skills to learn more easily and be able to remember what they want.

We know that it not always easy to study and many students find it difficult especially when trying to recall information for tests and examinations. The ability to draw ideas is such a powerful way to remember what you have learnt. Yet many people believe that they cannot draw and even when they can, do not know how to effectively harness the skills of drawing in the context of effective learning.

I believe that everyone can draw – at least well enough to enable them to learn better.

What will you learn?

The following extract from the workbook introduction give a good insight into it;

The workbook takes you through three main areas of study:

  1. How to draw simple cartoon pictures
  2. How to use your cartoons to represent ideas in memorable ways
  3. How to apply your skills in various ways to different topics.

How do I use the workbook?

All the drawing exercises are demonstrated by me first.
Then it’s your turn to have a go and you will see spaces in which to draw.

The workbook helps you build up your skills step by step. I therefore recommend that you work through the pages in sequence. The nice thing is that you can go at whatever speed suits you. Most people would complete the workbook in several sittings, but it is entirely up to you because you know how you like to learn. The great thing is you don’t have to be brilliant at drawing – just good enough to communicate an idea.

Feel free to trace drawings if you wish. This is also a great way to learn because it helps your hand to get the feel of the lines and build muscle memory.

What if I don't get the drawing right first time?

When you are learning to draw it is normal to find some skills easy and others less easy at first – almost everyone has this experience. The main thing is to be prepared to notice what went wrong and have another go.

What are the benefits of completing this workbook?

By the time you have completed this workbook you will have developed drawing skills that you may never have known you had. Furthermore you will be able to immediately apply these skills in lessons at school, for homework and for revising for tests and examinations.