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Drawing Skills for Storyboarding Workbook Digital Download

Drawing Skills for Storyboarding Workbook Digital Download

Drawing Skills for Storyboarding Workbook Digital Download


How to communicate your ideas

  • Learn how to create your own engaging storyboards
  • 62 pages of easy-to-learn drawing techniques
  • Ideal for Media Studies students planning video or film scenes
  • Great for sketching your own comics and illustrating stories
  • Perfect storyboarding techniques for numerous other purposes 

No drawing experience required

Format: PDF Digital download - get instantly!

Why this workbook?

Have you ever wanted to visually communicate your ideas?  This may have been for school or college, or in all kinds of work situations.  Perhaps you have wanted  to explain an idea, process or a project. In all these cases a storyboard is a great way to get your ideas across. 

The reason I wrote this workbook is to assist Media Studies students in communicating their ideas when making film scenes. When we think of storyboarding it is films that naturally come to mind.

However, storyboarding skills have so many more uses than just films. You can use  the same techniques in  almost any situation where you want  show ideas visually. Therefore these are sketching skills that have many practical uses. 

What is it all about?

  • The workbook takes you right through from drawing expressive faces and people in action to being able to draw objects and places.
  • Then you learn to put it all together to create numerous different scenes.
  • Plus you will find tips on how to indicate camera shots on your storyboard if you are planning  a video or film. 

You will learn how to:

  • Draw cartoon-style faces and expressions to show emotions
  • Sketch more serious and realistic style faces 
  • Draw people viewed from behind
  • Draw close-ups  and extreme close-ups of people
  • Draw lively pictures of people in action
  • Sketch in two and three-point perspective 
  • Show distance, angles and depth in scenes 
  • Draw buildings, outdoor scenes and indoor scenes in perspective
  • Put it all together to place people and objects in scenes in accurate perspective 
  • Learn typical pictures sci-fi, historical and swashbuckling themes and more
  • How to show camera movement on a storyboards
  • And much more…

How do I use the workbook?

You may find it helpful to print out the workbook first,  though not essential.

  • All the drawing exercises are demonstrated by me on right-hand pages.
  • Then you draw each picture yourself in spaces on the blank left-hand pages. 

This makes it easy for you follow and means you can do every drawing in the workbook. 

What will you be able to do  by the end of the workbook?

Once you have completed the workbook you will be in a great position to continue to enhance your skills even further the more you draw. You will be able to communicate your ideas so much more easily by creating storyboards that show exactly what you have in mind.