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'The Drawing Effect' - Latest Research

'The Drawing Effect' - Latest Research

If you want to boost your ability to recall information then get sketching!

Latest research shows that drawing is a brilliant way to boost your chances of remembering.

This is great news if you need to revise a topic, or memorise information because even a simple sketch will do the trick.

'The Drawing Effect' by Jeffrey D. Wammes, Melissa E. Meade and Myra A. Fernandes is a series of studies published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology Vol 6 Issue 9 - 2016.

In one part of the study participants were given lists of easily drawable words e.g. apple, and asked to either repeatedly write a word for 40 seconds or to draw it. Then after completing 'filler' tasks they were given surprise memory tests.

Researchers found that:

- People recalled more than double the number of words they had drawn compared with words that were written.

Furthermore - in other parts of their research they discovered that:

- Drawing worked better than writing descriptions of the meaning of words

- Drawing worked better than just looking at the pictures

- Drawing worked better than visualising the words

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